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Benefits of a Thread Lift

benefits of a thread lift

Bamboo Aesthetics are a cosmetic clinic in Cardiff who offer various treatments including the ‘Thread Lift’. This sought after treatment aims to eliminate sagging of the facial skin and to create a more youthful appearance for the patient.


Cosmetic Clinic in Cardiff | Specialist Thread Lift Treatment in Cardiff


Have you been searching for the perfect place in Cardiff to get your thread lift treatment? Bamboo Aesthetics has newly renovated their surgery with state of the art equipment to make sure you have the absolute best facilities available to you.


Bamboo Aesthetics: Experienced Thread Lift Treatment in Cardiff


dan cut out

Meet Dr. Dan…

Dr Dan is the head Clinical Practitioner at Bamboo Aesthetics. He is very well experienced in thread lift treatment having performed many over the past few years. His wealth of experience means that he has performed treatments across various face shapes. His knowledge and understanding of thread lifts mean that in his capable hands you will be very happy with the results.


Who is a Thread Lift For?

If you are a person who is starting to see sagging skin around the face and wants to take action to regenerate the structure of your facial tissue then our thread lift treatment is for you. The way that the procedure works is such that it promotes the growth of new collagen where the thread lift dissolves under your skin. This new structure helps support your skin thus creating a more youthful appearance. The results are proven and there is very little downtime at all following treatment!


How Much Will it Cost Me?

Our cosmetic clinic based in Cardiff aim to make our treatments as affordable to everyone as possible. We are able to offer our thread lift treatment for just £1000.


Patient care is incredibly important to us


Bamboo Aesthetics are a cosmetic clinic in Cardiff who pride themselves on putting our patient’s needs before anything else.


When you visit Bamboo Aesthetics in Cardiff for your thread lift treatment you will feel welcome and at ease. Our friendly staff are always smiling and are here to help you with any queries you may have. You can be rest assured that our skincare clinic in Cardiff will keep you in very capable hands.


What Are the Key Benefits of a Thread Lift?

The benefits of a thread lift are not only related to the end result of the treatment but there are also benefits to opting for a thread lift over alternative treatments. We will discuss these in some detail below.


Safer than a surgical facelift

A common alternative to a thread lift is a surgical facelift. This comes with some hefty risks that need not be taken if you had chosen to go for a thread lift treatment instead. When you decide to go under the knife and have your face surgically lifted you are putting yourself under unnecessary risk.

Some of the risks involved with a surgical face lift are temporary and can include; blood or fluid retention under the skin, the formation of a crust where the incision is and a numbness of the face.

On the other hand there can be some more serious risks such as the risk of nerve damage and infection. These risks can leave your face in a much worse condition than you had started with.

If you had chosen to go for a much safer thread lift instead then these risks are much much lower. Granted, the surgical face lift has its place and is useful when there is a lot of sagging to the skin. However, in most cases a thread lift is all the patient needs yet they are convinced to opt for a riskier and more expensive operation that they do not even need.


Much less downtime

With a thread lift you may experience a little swelling and so it is suggested that you take around 3 days off work in order to fully recover. However, it is common for patients to continue their every day activities as usual.


With a surgical face lift the recovery time is a minimum of two weeks. That will get you to the point where you can resume day to day activities, however, there will still be swelling and discomfort for you.


Less expensive than alternative treatments

If you are considering becoming a surgical face lift patient then you should also take into consideration the sizeable hit that your wallet is about to take. On average you are likely to be paying circa £6000 for this type of operation. If you chose to have a thread lift at Bamboo Dental you would pay just one sixth of that price (£1000).

The lower price does not mean any less level of quality either. In fact, it is majorly due to the amount of time the doctor needs to spend performing the treatment. A surgical facelift is much less straight forward and so the doctor often ha to add extra time for individual patients as complications may arise in the surgery.

On the other hand, a thread lift, although skill is still required, is much more uniform across patients and takes a lot less time to perform.

Promotes natural growth of collagen

This is one of the most unique benefits of a thread lift. There are two key stages to the Silhouette thread lift. Firstly comes the lifting effect, this is an immediate effect that occurs as the suture is placed under your skin. The skin becomes smoother and tighter effectively lifting and reshaping the face to a more youthful appearance.

The second stage is known as the regeneration effect and this is where the natural growth of collagen comes into play. The suture that is placed under the skin is made up of a biodegradable polymer called Poly L-lactic acid. In time, this is resorbed by the body and in the process your body stimulated the growth of collagen in the areas that have resorbed the Poly L-lactic acid. As a result, the shape of your face will be much improved making you look years younger!


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