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Why Heart Lips Are Becoming the Latest Celebrity Trend

heart lips lip nehancement

Heart Lips Transformation

We all know that celebrities are bombarded daily with an absurd amount of perks, whether an all-inclusive trip to the Caribbean or being handed the latest outfit from the best designers, but there is one perk that is most common amongst the most high profile celebrities, and that is cosmetic procedures. From Rhinoplasty to cosmetic veneers, celebrities will experiment with an assortment of cosmetic procedures to improve their appearance (and thus their brand), however, lip injections are the most common among celebrities. Heart lips are trending after young women all over the world are going crazy over ‘selfies’ taken by Kylie Jenner, with her fans saying that they couldn’t get similar results with makeup application, and this would prove to be true. Results like Kylie Jenners can only be obtained with cosmetic procedures – Jenner came forward and revealed that she had lip fillers to deal with her self-consciousness issues she had growing up.

Here is a list of 15 before and after pictures of celebrities who have undergone lip enhancement to achieve luscious looking heart lips, with some (such as Jenner) who are known or have built a brand around the fact that they have desirable lips.

How are Heart Lips Achieved?

Bamboo Aesthetics are one of only a limited number of clinics in the UK that uses Heart Lips®, a lip augmentation technique developed by Dr Bob Khanna. The heart lips procedure at Bamboo Aesthetics uses dermal fillers which increase the volume and definition of your lips and gives your lips a heart-shaped appearance, the treatment is carried out between 30 and 60 minutes. One reason this treatment is gaining in popularity is because of the non-invasive injections that are relatively pain-free and no negative long-term side effects.

How Heart Lips can Transform your Life

Other than having luscious lips, there are many other benefits to getting lip enhancements. There are psychological benefits, such as an increase in self-confidence. Kylie Jenner, for example, was very self-conscious growing up about her lips, however, lip enhancements gave her the confidence she needed to go on a release her own cosmetic line, with lipstick being a key component based on photos of Jenner wearing the lipstick on her Instagram page.

Ellie’s Story

Ellie Summerhayes came into our office for a free consultation and to enquire about the heart lips procedure she heard about on Facebook. She was complaining about having very thin lips and she wanted treatment to help her lips have more volume and a more shaped, feminine shape.

During her childhood, Ellie was very self-conscious about the lack of volume and shape of her lips, she would see celebrities on the television with luscious full lips and feel bad that she didn’t look like them naturally. The root of her self-consciousness was based on the fact that she compared herself to these celebrities, with the majority of the celebrities having had cosmetic procedures to enhance the appearance of their lips. Ellie tried her best to use makeup to make her lips similar to the celebrities she saw on the television and on social media, however, she was never able to achieve the volume and shape of the celebrities. After venting her frustrations, Ellie’s mum found out about Ellie’s self-consciousness caused by her lips and her mum explained that the majority of the celebrities on the television have had cosmetic procedures to improve their appearance. Ellie decided that she would look for somewhere local so that she could get her lips enhanced so she wouldn’t feel self-conscious when watching celebrities on the television and on social media

Ellie searched online and found Bamboo Aesthetics, who offer a free consultation anyone enquiring about treatments, there she was able to put her fear of injection at bay as she was told that there was only minimal discomfort felt when going in for the treatment and she was also briefed on the minimal recovery time and side effects of having the heart lips treatment. When she scheduled her appointment after her free consultation, Ellie was excited about how her life would be different after improving the appearance of her lips. The procedure went smoothly, and Ellie didn’t complain about any discomfort during the procedure, she experienced some mild swelling and redness after the treatment, however, she was able to make it into work the following day. After she made a full recovery and her swelling went down the next day, Ellie was ecstatic with the change in her appearance; the heart lip procedure gave her lips a fuller appearance with a heart shaped feminine shape. The self-consciousness she faced that was associated with her thin lips had vanished, and her work colleagues noticed not just an improvement in her appearance, but in her increased self-confidence and self-esteem.

A few weeks after the treatment with Bamboo Aesthetics, Ellie spoke to us about the effects that the heart lips treatment has had on her life, she said “I feel like a completely different person, I no longer feel self-conscious about my lips and this has improved my confidence which is affecting all the areas of my life”. A reaction like this is not uncommon at Bamboo Aesthetics, with many clients seeing a drastic change in their general levels of happiness and outlook on life.

How You Can Transform Your Life Too

Ellie is one of many clients at Bamboo Aesthetics who have transformed their lives with our heart lips treatment, and it is very easy and convenient for you to do so as well. We offer a free consultation where we will explain the procedure to you and answer any questions you may have regarding the treatment or about follow-up procedures. You can also call us on 02920008651 if you’d prefer to speak to one of our representatives.

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