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5 Places Your Face Shows Its Age

anti wrinkle treatment in cardiff

Growing older is a fact. No matter how famous we are, no matter what lifestyle we live, we all grow older. It’s perhaps the one thing that links us all. We all try our best to stop the clock, or for some us, turn it back! However, mother nature always wins. We can’t grow any younger, but thanks to the incredible progress of non evasive cosmetic treatments, you can both feel and look younger without breaking the bank. At Bamboo Aesthetics, we offer non evasive cosmetic treatments such as anti wrinkle treatment in Cardiff so you can turn back the years. It’ll be our little secret.

Free Expert Consultation at Bamboo Aesthetics

Before having cosmetic treatment at Bamboo Aesthetics, you will first have a free consultation with Dr. Dan or one of our other award winning experts.  Your free consultation is your chance to express your wishes, concerns and ask any questions about treatments. It is also the perfect occasion to meet the practitioner who will be performing the treatment beforehand. The practitioner will also reveal his expert opinion, informing you on how you can get the most out of your treatment.

For anti wrinkle treatment in Cardiff, the free consultation is a crucial part of the process as the practitioner has the chance to inform you on areas of the face which most commonly reveal your true age. The practitioner will talk you through each of the areas and then ask you which areas of the face you wish to be treated.

Which areas of the face show ageing?

To look younger, we must understand the areas of the face most prone to showing signs of ageing. Bamboo Aesthetics rounds up our top five areas to treat below.

Circles around eyes

A common mistake is thinking that dark circles under/around the eyes is caused by lack of sleep. This is simply not true. The dark circles on our face are actually causes by loss of fat volume between the lower eyelid and the cheek, and thinning skin. The cocktail of these two factors make our blood vessels more apparent under eyes, causing us to look older.

Crows feet

Crows feet are one of the most common signs of ageing. Most people start to experience crows feet on the face during their 30s. Smiling, squinting and sleeping all contribute to crows feet. We know what you’re think – you love to do at least two of those things! But you shouldn’t have to stop sleeping or smiling to look younger. The more times we do these repetitive actions the more collagen and elastic fibres in the skin will cause wrinkles around the eyes.

Frown Lines

Glabella lines, also know as frown lines are the lines that appear between the eyebrows when we frown. The more and more we frown, the more these little lines are formed, once again due to lack of elasticity in the skin. The most common cause is stress, whether it be stressing over family, finance or work. It really pays not to frown, but for most of us, frown lines are inevitible.

Forehead Lines

Wrinkles on the forehead are extremely common, and appear far earlier for most than they do on any other part of the face. Like all wrinkles, they appear due to repetion of facial movements. The forehead is particulary prone to wrinkle development. For women approaching the menopause,  the body produces less skin enhancing estrogen meaning the elacity in your skin is decresed. Your skin becomes less firm and wrinkles are caused. Forehead lines become more evident and that youthful wrinkle free image is lost.

Marionette Lines

Marionette Lines are the lines that run from the corners of the mouth down along the chin. They are also the name for the folds occuring down the top of the mouth. Marionette Lines are also caused by a decreased amount of collagen in the face. Over time, skin will crease and fold around  the mouth. Unlike most wrinkles, only some people experience marionette lines. Those who do however, stress that it gives them an unhappy appearance. Too much sun exposure, smoking and poor diet can also contribute to marionette lines.

Anti Wrinkle Treatment in Cardiff

So those are our top five areas where our patients complain about wrinkles revealing their age. Fortunately, there are just as many treatments for signs of ageing as there are signs of ageing. At Bamboo Aesthetics, we offer anti wrinkle treatment in Cardiff to help fight signs on ageing in the areas that reveal your true age. Our anti wrinkle injections work by stopping certain facial muscles from contracting, helping to smooth out skin and minimise the appearance of exisiting lines. Anti wrinkle treatment also prevents new wrinkle lines from forming. Within 14 days of the treatment, you’ll see impressive and long lasting results. Most people come back to the clinic a couple of times a year to top up or tweak the results.

You’re in safe hands with our anti wrinkle treatment in Cardiff as our practitioners form part of a triple award winning team. Dr. Dan, head practitioner and his team have years of experiences in anti-wrinkle treatment and can provide you with the expert service you will come to expect from Bamboo.  If interested, call up the practice today, or contact us on our contact page here to arrange a free consultation. Isn’t it time you regained your confidence and looked the age you felt once more?

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