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January 10, 2017
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Why Bamboo is Number One for Beauty Treatments

why bamboo is number 1 for beauty treatments

Bamboo Aesthetics is becoming one of the leading providers of beauty treatments in the Cardiff area. This is not by chance but due to the hard work and incredible transformations that take place there every single day.


Expert knowledge on facial structure

Our dentists are most qualified to treat the areas of the face. This is because they have gone through extensive training in the structure of the facial bones and muscles. This vast amount of knowledge puts them at the helm of the beauty industry and you in the safest hands possible. Not only is their knowledge second to none but so too is their experience. Having performed our treatments day in day out for some time now our practitioners know exactly what to do to enhance any face shape.


Vast but practised range of beauty treatments

An important balance needs to be struck here. Choice is excellent of course. However, if one doctor offers too vast an array of treatments then the time they spend on each one becomes diluted. That means the technique and skill of the practitioner must be spread across many many treatments and so it is much harder to become an expert in all of the beauty treatments offered. Here at Bamboo we have struck the perfect balance between offering a good range of treatments but not too many. This means that our practitioners don’t go a day without performing our treatments and so their skill set is at the peak of their ability.


What beauty treatments are on offer?

Our treatments range from lip enhancing injections all the way to platelet-rich plasma and hair loss prevention. Whatever your desire, we are sure to have something for you.


Anti-wrinkle injections

Currently the most popular cosmetic beauty treatment in the country, anti-wrinkle injections work by blocking the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine from reaching the muscles cells from your nerve cells. The result is that the muscles in your face can no longer extend and contract. This allows them to relax and the wrinkles to flatten out. A fast procedure with little to no down time makes this a quick way to knock years off your age!


Vampire Facelift

A celebrity favourite that isn’t quite as gruesome as it sounds. The vampire facelift makes use of the fantastic new method of using platelet rich plasma (PRP) for beautification. PRP is effectively a sample of the patients blood in which there is a much more concentrated amount of blood platelets. These blood platelets have massive cell regeneration properties. When injected back into the face during the Vampire Facelift treatment the PRP causing the skin cells to regrow. This, in turn, rejuvenates the face giving the patient a youthful glow that simply looks jaw dropping.


Hair Loss Treatment

Bamboo Aesthetics offers a few types of hair loss treatment. The first makes use of PRP’s cell regrowth properties. This time around, the PRP is injected into the scalp after first being stimulated by a derma roller. The effect is that dormant hair follicle cells can be awoken up. Regrowth of hair follows. The second option is with the use of out special hair growth concoction. This is a scientifically developed mixture of chemicals and vitamins that is administered to the hair. This will help those with thin and unhealthy hair by giving it a growth boost making your hair less brittle and much more full of life.


Lip Enhancement

A very popular treatment for those either looking for the perfect pout or for those who were born with thinner lips. Both males and females go for this treatment and the results are more than luxurious. Your lips are certainly one of the first thing a person notices when they meet you (well, since they are a big part of your smile!) and when presented with a set of fuller looking lips you are sure to make a great first impression.


We want to fill you up with confidence!

Every great cause has an important ‘why’. Ours is to help cultivate a life changing confidence into our patients that will give them the drive to take more action in their lives creating opportunities to let them live to the fullest. For many people, a small blemish in their appearance can really hold back the crucial decision making process that can propel their lives forwards. We think that this should never be the case. That’s why if you feel self-conscious about anything it is worth considering the options of cosmetic treatment. In many cases, a very minimal treatment can have incredible effects.


We aim to make our treatments appear completely natural. That is, your newly enhanced features will look as if you were born with them. That is the sign of a successful treatment – when people start to feel the thoughts, ‘wow they are so lucky to have such luscious lips’ or ‘I need to find out what their diet is like to have such beautiful and radiant skin’.


Want to find out more?

If you are interested in talking through any of our treatments then we would be more than happy to meet with you. Simply head over to our contact page and book in for a consultation. Our experienced clinical professionals will be able to chat through any treatments that you are curious about as well as finding out if these treatments would be suitable for you.

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