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A Hair Loss Cure that Actually Works!

hair loss cure

Have you been worrying about thinning hair so much that more of your hair is falling out? This is a growing concern, particularly for me, in the 21st century as image is becoming more and more important. Well, this revolutionary hair loss cure may be just the thing to give you back the hope of a full head of hair.


Introducing Hair Loss PRP: The 21st Century Hair Loss Cure

Now it is important to note that this hair loss cure won’t work miracles in turning a completely lost head of hair into that of a lovestruck werewolf out of Twilight. Let’s delve in to the hair loss PRP technique a little more to discover how exactly it can help you get those hairs back in to action.


How the Hair Loss Cure Works

In short, this hair loss cure actively works to kick dormant hair cells back in to action. The properties of the platelets involved in treatments are such that inactive hair follicles can once again become active. As this occurs you will notice your hair starts to thicken up as these hairs fall back into place.


What Exactly is PRP

Put simply, PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. It is effectively a sample of blood in which one of the components, the platelets, are highly concentrated. This is achieved through a process in which we isolate and extract the platelets in your blood sample before adding these to a new sample. Thus we are left with a sample of blood containing a high concentration of blood platelets.


Who Could this Hair Loss Cure Work For?

If your hair is noticeably thinning then this may be just the treatment for you. The issue with thinning hair is often that a percentage of your hair cells have gone through a minimisation process before stopping the production of hair altogether. With the use of PRP we are able to kick those hair cells back in to action. It will take some months for the hair cells to reach their full strength once again but when they do your hair will flourish as it once did.


What Makes this Hair Loss Cure Different?

There are many hair loss cures on the market. Some work better than others. Some give out false hope and only in rare circumstances are backed up with good results.


Hair Loss Shampoos Probably Won’t Work.

Have you ever heard of miracle hair loss shampoos? These shampoos have ingredients such as caffeine that supposedly helps to combat hair loss. The truth is that these shampoos may not be so great at preventing hair loss in most situations. Studies have shown that a popular brand of caffeine shampoo worked in activating dormant hair follicles in a petri dish. However there are no concrete studies to support these claims. The studies that have taken place were funded by the companies themselves quashing any credibility.


Take Care of Your Hair

In many cases a person may actually be neglecting their hair. If you don’t look after it, wash it and give it every chance to flourish then your hair will slowly become thin and brittle like an unwatered plant. If you want some tips on hair care, check out this article.


Case Study on Hair Loss Cure:

Alan had been suffering from crippling anxiety about the situation of his hair. He had started thinning in his early twenties and been looking in to solutions ever since. He tried many solutions. He washed his hair with special hair loss shampoo. He tried hoping and praying that the thinning hair was just a phase and would stop soon. He tried to reduce the stress in his life. Nothing worked. He saw his once wonderfully thick hair slowly diminish to nothing. He could see the end of the path being ‘with as much hair as Homer Simpson’ and although he can make light of it now, he didn’t feel happy at all at the time.

Alan started reading about PRP and how it can help people with thinning hair. He thought, ‘I need to take action here. I need to see if this will work. I need to try’. That’s when he booked in for the treatment.

The treatment took around 60 minutes and Alan left hopeful that something good would happen. It took a few months for the hair follicles to start kicking in to action once again. A few months more and Alan could really notice a difference in those thinning patches. His hair was starting to grow back looking thicker and healthier than it had in the past 5 years.

Alan said ‘look i know that i’m not going to look like Chewbacca anytime soon but I can really notice that my hair is no longer as thin as it used to be. I can style it with pomade again and it doesn’t flop everywhere. I feel confident again and I put it down to this treatment. I am going to be sure to look after my hair from now on and probably come in for a top up treatment soon as recommended.’


Whats the next step?

If you have decided that this treatment may be the hair loss cure for you then the first step is simply for you to give us a call and book in for a consultation. You can do just that on 02920569769.

If you are happy with what you find out at the consultation then we can start bringing your hair back to its former glory. Yippee!

If you’d prefer to contact us via email for now then please do complete the contact form below and we an reply with any answers to questions you may have.

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