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August 25, 2016
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August 26, 2016
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The Meteoric Rise of Platelet Rich Plasma


The innovative science behind platelet rich plasma (PRP) has aided it’s rise to the forefront of the beauty industry with many skincare clinics now offering the treatment. The concept has been incorporated into so many new treatments that it is hard to believe a time before PRP.

So where can this growth inducing serum be injected exactly?


Platelet Rich Plasma and It’s Many Uses

Some of these uses may surprise you and not all are offered as a treatment at our cosmetic clinic in Cardiff.

1. First and second degree burns

There has been evidence to support the use of PRP in aiding the regrowth of skin in burns patients. The platelet-rich plasma stimulates a process known as angiogenesis. This can enhance the wound-healing in both soft and hard tissue and so is extremely useful not only in helping to heal wounds resulting from burns but also to help reduce the visibility of any scar tissue left behind.


2. Hair loss treatment

A popular treatment at our skincare clinic in Cardiff involved the use of platelet rich plasma in the inducing of new hair growth.

In the majority of cases there is no medical reason for hair loss to be treated. However, many take pride in the appearance of their hair and so losing their hair can be very traumatic. Luckily, PRP treatment does a great job at helping to get those hairs sprouting again as well giving your confidence a big boost.

So how does it work exactly?

The treatment, all in all, will take around 90 minutes to perform. Firstly, a micro-needling device called a derma-roller is used to help stimulate the cells on the scalp. Following this, PRP will be injected into different locations of the scalp. The results will not appear straight away as the new hair cells need time to develop and grow. In general, you will see increased growth at around the three months stage.


3. Facial rejuvenation

Perhaps the most popular use for PRP is facial rejuvenation. The fact that the process is no surgical has made this type of treatment a favourite amongst celerities and the general public alike. PRP is strongly becoming THE treatment to get if you want to promote the appearance of more youthful skin. Although dermal fillers have, in the past, been utilised in the beautification of the face, more and more people are now going down the route of PRP. This is largely due to the fact that the patient’s own blood is used meaning that there aren’t any foreign substances entering the body. This allows for a more natural look as well as reducing any chances of an allergic reaction taking place. The PRP is injected into the areas of the face that need to be revitalised. The result? A natural and long lasting youthfulness to your skin.

But that’s not all PRP can do for your skin. By now you may have heard the media frenzy surrounding the Vampire FaceLift®. The celebrity endorsed trend works in a similar way to what we have discussed above. However this time, small amounts of the PRP are injected across a wide range of areas on the face. The high concentration of platelets in the PRP then starts to promote the growth of new cells at the entry points and the surrounding areas. This brings your skin back to life giving it that boost that helps you get your vibrance back. The result is that years disappear off your age. And the best thing… it’s all natural and non-surgical!


4. Post-traumatic scars

Scars can arise due to many reasons, perhaps you have just been through a pregnancy and have developed some unwanted stretch marks or maybe you have recently had an accident or made it through an operation. Regardless of how the scar was formed, they can be unsightly to many and knock peoples’ self esteem to the ground.

A few treatments of PRP in the affected areas will work wonders. The visibility of the scars will be reduced greatly due to the new cell growth and your confidence can build back up to it’s peak!


5. PRP for Athletes

Now we aren’t talking about making athletes look pretty here. We are talking about helping to aid the speed of recovery following injuries such as muscle tears and strains.

Some of the most common injuries to keep athletes off their feet are torn; muscles, tendons and ligaments. Sadly the nature of these injuries means that a waiting game needs to be played in order for the athlete to heal and make it back to full fitness. This is where PRP comes in. The idea is that if the PRP is injected into the site of the injury then the special new growth characteristics of the PRP will help the tissue to recover much more quickly.

There are many famous athletes who have used PRP to their advantage. For example, Tiger Woods has been known to use PRP following surgery. This enabled him to recover quickly and play out all four golf majors of the year. Many famous baseball plays also opt for the treatment as the sport takes a big hit on the joints of the arms meaning that many become injured and need to recover as quickly as humanly possible. Here’s a great article about the use of PRP in sports.
Although the use of PRP in sports related injuries has only become commonplace in recent years, the use of PRP had, as far back as the mid 1990’s, been used to help cure spinal injury where bone had to regrow.

Even though the great healing power of platelet-rich plasma is clear for all to see there has been some frowning in the sports industry with many branding PRP an illegal drug that should not be allowed as it can enhance the performance of the patient.

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