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What causes our skin to show signs of ageing?
June 30, 2016
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July 25, 2016
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5 reasons to visit Bamboo Aesthetics this Summer

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Summer has finally arrived. Although the weather may not be up to much at the moment, we have plenty of reasons for you to glow this summer. Check out our top 5 reasons to visit the practice below and regain your youth once more.

1. Award Winning Team

At Bamboo Aesthetics, your local cosmetic clinic in Cardiff, we have an award winning team with members of staff boasting over thirty years of experience. Starting as a humble dental practice, the Bamboo franchise has gone from strength to strength over the past few years. Dr. Dan and the team have picked up award after award, and have made Bamboo a strong player in both the Dental and Aesthetics fields in the UK. When you book a consultation at our cosmetic clinic in Cardiff, you will meet one of our highly trained practitioners, who will offer you advice and answer any questions you may have about our treatments. The consultation is the perfect time for you and your practitioner to discuss your end goal and discuss your journey to achieving your desired look.

2. Gorgeous Lips for the Summer

One of our most popular treatments at our cosmetic clinic in Cardiff is Lip Enhancement. Patients who opt for lip fillers are aiming to achieve a greater volume or fuller appearance of the lips. Lip Fillers (or lip enhancement) are a non-surgical treatment meaning less upheaval and recovery time. Dermal fillers work by injecting collagen/juvederm into the lips to offer a plumper appearance. The result is extremely effective, and lasts up six months. As dermal filler is slowly broken down and absorbed by the body, we recommend repeat visits to the practice (twice a year) in order to maintain the desired look. At Bamboo Aesthetics, we use the Heart Lips technique, to offer more feminine and beautiful shaped lips. However, Dermal Fillers are popular with both women and men, with some men opting for subtler filler to add volume to thin lips. As our lips thin with age, lip fillers are popular with both younger and older patients. Results should be noticeable as soon as you walk out the clinic, however it is advised to allow time for swelling to go down to notice the true results of the treatment.

3. Anti-wrinkle Treatment from £99

One of our most cost effective treatments at our cosmetic clinic in Cardiff is our Anti-wrinkle treatment. From only £99 per area, Bamboo can surely offer you a more youthful look without breaking the bank. After all, fighting signs of ageing shouldn’t leave you out of pocket. Patients who opt for our anti-wrinkle treatment usually choose the forehead as the area to soothe lines. Anti-wrinkle treatment can be used to remove forehead lines, crows feet and frown lines. The treatment is popular with both men and women. There is no risk of scarring as fine needles are used, and results are seen within a week. Our customer satisfaction level for our anti-wrinkle treatment is very high and patients who opt for this treatment are often so impressed by the results that they check out our other treatments available So why not treat yourself!

4. Vampire Facelift®

The Vampire Facelift® is the hottest celebrity trend. When Kim Kardashian visited her practitioner for a Vampire Facelift®, the internet exploded. Everyone was googling what exactly a Vampire Facelift® was. The treatment works by taking a small amount of blood from the patient, separating the red and white blood cells, which creates a plasma containing platelets which then stimulate the growth of more cells. The blood is then reintroduced to the body, leaving the skin fresher and plumper. As the injected blood is the patient’s own, there is little risk of allergic reaction, and recovery time is minimal. The Vampire Facelift® has become such a popular option for a rejuvenated youthful look as it serves as an alternative to traditional under the knife surgery. The result is a more natural look, as opposed to evident signs that come with a surgical treatment. You don’t have to be a Kardashian to undergo a Vampire Facelift® as Bamboo Aesthetics is proud to offer the treatment, at your local cosmetic clinic in Cardiff. Don’t let the name put you off either – we promise you there is nothing scary about this treatment!

5. Affordable Treatments and Payment Plans

The one thing that surprises most patients when they visit our local cosmetic clinic in Cardiff is just how affordable our prices are. We offer thread lifts, anti-wrinkle treatment, PRP, the Vampire Face Lift, Hair loss treatment, Dermal Fillers and Lip Enhancement all at competitive prices. We understand however that it is not always easy to pay the full amount upfront. We understand that beauty can be expensive, and although our prices are very reasonable, we recognise that putting you first isn’t always feasible with families to feed and bills to pay. That’s why Bamboo Aesthetics have a 0% Finance Plan where you can pay off your treatment in monthly instalments. We have two plans to choose from – simply pay either over 12 months or 24 months. Or if you’re feeling flush, you can of course pay off the full amount when you visit the practice.

So there you have it – our top five reasons to visit Bamboo Aesthetics this summer. If you’re interested in any of our treatments, or you want to know any more details about the clinic or its practitioners, feel free to give us a call on 02920 569769. You can also get in touch with us by emailing [email protected] or by reaching out to us on our contact form here. Treat yourself this summer in our state of the art cosmetic clinic.

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