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What causes our skin to show signs of ageing?

what causes our skin to show signs of ageing

what causes our skin to show signs of ageing

What causes our skin to show signs of ageing?

The human body may be a work of art, but we all fear growing older and looking older. There is no magic formula to looking young forever . Despite what television adverts promise, we all grow older, and in time we all look older. There’s no way of stopping that. There are quick fixes for a younger appearance, such as cosmetic treatments, though these are indeed only temporary. Cosmetic Surgery can look unnatural and have the opposite effect to what had been hoped. Make up and moisturisers can help, but let’s be honest girls, we all know time takes its toll as we get older, and even if others don’t notice, we most certainly do. We are our own worst critics. A line here, a line there. We are always the first to notice our own imperfections. We compare ourselves to others who look younger, and ask ourselves what is it they do, what is it they’ve done that makes them look younger than us.

How is it then, that some people look better for their age than others? How is it some people look their age, while others don’t? To understand this, we must first look at the reasons why we show our age. What causes our skin to show signs of ageing? We’ve rounded up some of the most common factors of ageing below.

1. Stress causes our skin to show signs of ageing

Our first factor will come as no surprise. Stress can cause anxiety, mood swings, fatigue and most worryingly, signs of ageing. Constant stress and worry impact hormone and chemical levels, allowing more viruses in the body. As a result, cells are damaged leading to tissue damage, stress lines and pores. “Mary looks like she’s had a hard life” we might hear someone say. It’s common to hear people associating stress with signs of ageing, so the chances are Mary has indeed had a hard life. That’s not to say we should mention it to her!

2. Lack of Sleep causes our skin to show signs of ageing

When we’ve had an insufficient amount of sleep it shows. If we’ve had a rough night, our colleagues will be the first to notice it. The body relies on sleep to regenerate cells, in turn offering a more youthful appearance. Quality of sleep is essential, as the deeper we sleeper, the more cells can regenerate. That’s why regular sleep patterns are crucial. By removing distractions such as tablets, mobiles and bright lights we can snooze much better.

3. Smoking causes our skin to show signs of ageing

The irony with this one is that many people quote stress as a reason for smoking. If smoking relieves stress, and stress is a factor of ageing, then surely smoking can prevent some signs of ageing? Of course not. That’s just silly logic. The truth is, smoking depletes the body of vitamin C and rapidly accelerates ageing. Free radicals, which are emitted from smoke torture the skin.

4. Too much sun causes our skin to show signs of ageing

Spending time in the sun, as lovely as it is, rapidly accelerates ageing. We’re not telling you to stay indoors and never leave the house – this is just as bad for the skin, however excess UV exposure is one of the biggest, if not the biggest cause of ageing. Wrinkles and sunspots occur as a result of too much sun as collagen begins to malfunction and incorrectly rebuild skin. So next time you’re working on your tan, remember the long term effects of the sunshine.

5. Lack of exercise causes our skin to show signs of ageing

It still surprises us the number of people who don’t link poor diet and lack of exercise with poor skin. Exercise is crucial for our circulation system. A lack of exercise means our muscles are less toned and our blood flows less. Endorphins released during exercise also mean we are happier, and the happier we are, with more energy, the better our skin will look.

6. Poor Diet and Alcohol causes our skin to show signs of ageing

The effects of a poor diet are often only visible as we age. A diet rich in antioxidants will do the world of good for your skin. Plenty of Vitamin A, C and E all help refine lines and give skin a healthier glow. Other foods that’ll help you to appear more youthful are those rich in omega oils, amino acids and potassium. Drinking lots of green tea can also do the world of good for your skin. Meanwhile, drinking too much alcohol ages the skin by dilating blood vessels in the skin and increasing blood flow near the skin’s surface. Blood cells become damaged as a result, and broken vessels show on the face.

Anti-wrinkle Treatment to hide signs of ageing

These are the six biggest factors of ageing. Although we can’t stop the ageing process, we can give our skin the love and care it deserves. Though it’s difficult to look like someone half our age, following the above tips can help prevent or soften further signs of ageing.

If you want to give nature a little helping hand, then you can always try our anti-wrinkle treatment. From a very reasonable price of £99, smooth frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines in less than half an hour. Anti-wrinkle Treatment has become an extremely popular method across the world for recapturing a youthful image. Although the effects are only temporary, to maintain such an imagine requires only three visits to the practice a year. Effects of the treatment are seen in only a few days, and scarring is prevented as very fine needles are used.

As we previously stated, none of us can escape growing older, but that doesn’t mean we have to throw in the towel on a youthful image. Follow our top tips for maintaining a youthful look above, and contact us either on 02920 569769 or via our contact page here if you feel you could benefit from Anti-wrinkle treatment.

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