November 21, 2016
what does the vampire facelift involve

What Does the Vampire Facelift Involve?

Have you heard about the Vampire Facelift? Well, if you haven’t i’m sure the name has now grabbed your attention. Yes, there is blood involved but […]
November 16, 2016
thread lift cardiff

Could a Thread Lift be exactly what you need?

Thread Lift in Cardiff Of all our treatments, thread lifts appear to be the one which has our patients scratching their heads the most. What exactly […]
November 16, 2016
heart lips lip enhancement lip fillers

Heart Lips: Everything you need to know

You may have heard a lot about Heart Lips ™? What exactly are Heart Lips ™ and how do they vary from normal lip fillers? We’ve […]
November 15, 2016
lip fillers christmas

All I Want For Christmas Is… Lip Fillers

“I don’t want a lot for Christmas There is just one thing I need I don’t care about the presents Underneath the Christmas tree I just […]