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Can You Really Blame Your Mother For Your Wrinkles?

blame mum for wrinkles

It is no wonder that a nation of adults has the noose of wrinkles looming in the near future. Every other advert we see has some new form of skin reviving serum promising to battle these trenches of the war against age. What does all this mean? Wrinkles are not only on our faces, they are also rooted deeply in our minds.

Are Wrinkles Hereditary?

We are looking for things to blame, people to be annoyed at, and there are a barrage of accusations pointing in all different directions. These easiest way to avoid the blame is by suggesting wrinkles hereditary nature. But you wouldn’t be entirely correct by jumping on that bandwagon.


A foreward on anti-ageing creams

The fear of wrinkles has led to the growth of an industry aiming to solve the issue with various creams and facial rubs. In an industry where shop bought creams are not legally considered drugs and so have no obligation to prove that they are actually effective many people can be led down the garden path.

To back this up, Consumer Reports carried out a test including several popular ageing creams. These were taken from all different price ranges to cover a wide spectrum of perceived cream quality. You can probably guess what happened. The creams were effectively useless in preventing or eliminating wrinkles. At best, some subjects reported a slight improvement but nothing significant.


Avoid those Sugary Treats!

In another study, it has been found that sugar consumption can be inherent in the production of certain molecules which can lead to ageing of the skin.

When you eat sugary foods or drinks your blood-sugar levels increase. As the sugar enters the bloodstream, there is the synthesis of advanced glycation end products. All you need to know is that these end products can damage proteins in your body. Two of the most important proteins that are significant in keeping your skin youthful and elastic are collagen and elastin – and yes, you guessed it, these are damaged due to the sugar levels in your bloodstream!

As these proteins start to diminish, your skin becomes more wrinkled and loses the vibrant glow seen in more youthful skin. As the cherry on the sugary cake, you will also lose some of the bodies antioxidants which will increase your risk against sun damage and further degradation of the skin.


How Much are Genetics to Blame?

So let’s kick off with the bona fide reasons that you can arm yourself with when blaming your genetics for those pesky lines on your face. Well, studies have shown that your genetics can play a part in when wrinkles first start to form on your face. However, don’t get ahead of yourself. The level of weighting your genetics has is merely 10%. The other 90% relate to yourself and how your lifestyle corresponds towards some major factors. We will run through those now so that you can do everything possible to keep those wrinkles under control.


Drink Up!

Sadly, this doesn’t refer to anything alcoholic. Skin specialists say that hydration is an incredibly important factor in the makeup of your skin. If you keep hydrated throughout the day then your skin is likely to stay more elastic and wrinkle free.

Although many supermodels put their luxurious skin down to the simple fact of drinking plenty of water, there is little strenuous evidence to support the fact that drinking more water prevents wrinkles. On the other hand, hydration does help the elasticity of your skin through hydration. Another key benefit is that by drinking water throughout the day you are less likely to drink sugary alternatives that CAN lead to the development of wrinkles as discussed above. Therefore, in some circumstances, drinking lots of natures beverage could well push you in the right direction to avoiding a wrinkly conundrum.


Beware of Pillow Face

There has been quite some research into the humble pillow. We all have our sleeping routine whether it be laying flat on our back snoring for all to hear or face planting deep into the pillow’s fibres. Either way, we all love our sleep. According to the American Academy of Dermatology you should avoid habitual face-planting and actually sleep on your back to avoid creasing and damaging the skin on your face.

Dermatologists also recommend the use of silk pillow cases. They do sound luxurious and certainly come with their advantages. They are supposedly much gentler on your hair as well as softer on the skin. An added bonus is that the silk fibres can help with the retention of moisture in your skin thus keeping it smoother and more hydrated.


It’s Thyme to Talk About Greens

There are countless different vegetables and herbs that, if consumed regularly, can give you a huge boost in antioxidants and important minerals. Studies have shown that by consuming certain herbs and vegetables your skin will look much more vibrant and much more wrinkle free.

Here are a few of the mineral rich options you should try to include in your diet:


  • Cloves
  • Oregano
  • Allspice
  • Cinnamon
  • Thyme
  • Peppermint


  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Alfalfa


It’s important to understand that if you have already started to develop wrinkles, these foods may be more helpful in slowing the process down rather than reversing the ageing process. Regardless, there are more health benefits than keeping your skin looking youthful and so the addition of these foods to your diet is more than recommended.


What if I Am Too Late?

Already in the midst of a wrinkly nightmare? Don’t worry, there are options out there for you too. Sometimes the combination of your lifestyle as well as the partly true concept that wrinkles are hereditary can mean that the ageing of your skin is simply hard to avoid. Our skincare clinic, Bamboo Aesthetics specialise in helping to fight the ageing process and wrinkles are one of the easiest to beat!

We offer treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections which can almost instantly help reduce the visibility of wrinkles and knock years off your perceived age.


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