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Which Hair Loss Treatment to Choose?

hair loss treatment in cardiff

Which Hair Loss Treatment do I opt for?

Hair loss is a woe for many a man, and it’s more common than you may think. Two thirds of all men will eventually be affected by some form of hair loss in the UK – that’s a grand total of over 7 million gentlemen. Some men will accept nature’s decision while others will shave it all off and accept defeat. Why is it then that so few men actually seek treatment for hair loss? Our patients who visit the practice in search of hair loss treatment reveal that before visiting us they just didn’t know it existed. Others reveal they were sceptical about the effectiveness of the treatment. They’re right to be sceptical as many clinics offer supposed quick hair loss fixes but there’s no such thing. Visiting a clinic and walking out with a mop full of hair immediately just isn’t possible. Hair loss treatment is a process – one which from the very start we are transparent about in order to map out your journey and eventually bring back your hair and confidence to boot.

Hair loss has never killed anyone and it’s by no means a bad thing to have little or no hair. Many people prefer little or no hair, but if you’re like one of the many individuals who visit our clinic, struggling to come to terms with baldness, we could have the solution for you.

Two types of Hair Loss Treatment in Cardiff

At Bamboo Aesthetics we offer two types of hair loss treatment in Cardiff. The first treatment is REVITACARE®, an innovative treatment developed by French Experts that hydrates the scalp, prevents and reduces hair loss, and stimulates hair growth. A tiny amount of magic formula containing amino acids, vitamin B and zinc is injected into the scalp and the magic begins. Patients are required to attend two or three appointments to experience the best results. Once attending these appointments roughly two weeks apart, you will begin to see the results. For truly long lasting results, patients tend to have top up treatments every three months.

The second hair loss treatment in Cardiff available at Bamboo Aesthetics is PRP hair loss treatment. PRP is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment that stimulates hair growth. PRP works by taking a tiny amount of blood from somewhere other than the scalp, and separating red and white blood cells to create platelets. These platelets stimulate the growth of cells and then are injected into the scalp, in turn encouraging hair growth.
Results are just seen in three months.

Kerry’s Hair Loss Treatment in Cardiff Story

Undecided over which treatment to choose for hair loss treatment? Why not let a patient who made that very decision a year ago help you make your mind up?  Kerry Castle, 32 from Cardiff Bay reveals his story below.

I’d experienced hair loss from my early 20s. It started with a receding hair line. I was always quite self-conscious and embarrassed about that. It made me look much older than I was. Whilst people my age had long hair with wax and hairspray in, my hair looked rather sorry for itself.  I saw people double my age with more hair than me. I just used to think, why me?  Your hair is such an important thing the opposite sex look for. I found it very hard to find someone I was attracted to who was also attracted to me back. I had nasty comments on my Facebook page about my hair and my forehead and really, it wasn’t very nice. My friends used to tell me just to ignore the comments, but they’re not the ones with the problem. You know, it’s all very well but they have nice hair. I didn’t.

Of course I’d heard of hair loss solution before but I was always told it wasn’t very effective. Unless you’re paying megabucks for a hair transplant like Louis Walsh did, then I assumed you had no chance. I’d say it was only about two years ago I first heard of PRP treatment. I was reading on an online forum about how effective platelet rich plasma was in rejuvenating cell growth. My first thoughts immediately were “Would this work for hair loss?”. I must have had a thousand tabs open on my browser just researching. When I read into the positive results PRP hair loss treatment had, I googled PRP hair loss treatment into Cardiff and to my amazed there was a clinic offering it just five minutes away from me. That clinic was of course Bamboo Aesthetics.

Free Hair Loss Consultation

I phoned up the clinic to organise my free consultation with Dr. Dan, the big boss of the clinic. During my free consultation, I’d told him about my hair loss ordeal over the years. I told him I wanted a treatment that actually worked, not one that would have temporary effects. He explained that no hair loss solution is perfect as hair loss is a natural part of ageing for some people. He did say you could achieve lasting results with PRP with top up appointments. I admired his honesty and clarity.

I told him I was interested in PRP treatment and he told me that there had been a lot of interest in PRP as of late due to the impressive results. I was sold. The free consultation was a great chance to talk one on one on what was possible to achieve, and what I wanted to personally achieve. Dan booked me in for an appointment a couple of weeks later.

The appointment itself was very quick. It was over in under an hour. I’d taken the day off work, so I went straight home afterwards. However, there was no downtime at all, so I could have had it done in my lunch break if necessary. The treatment was painless and I felt safe in Dr. Dan’s hands. It was a strange experience I must admit, but so is anything you’re not used to.

In just three months, I noticed a huge change. I’ve returned to the clinic once since the treatment to get a “top up”. This didn’t really bother me though, especially if it meant maintaining the impressive results I’ve seen. I don’t feel self-conscious about my hair and my image anymore which is the impressive bit. I feel like a new man. A much younger new man!

If you too are interested in hair loss treatment in Cardiff, contact us on 02920 008630 or by clicking here to reach us on our contact form.

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