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October 31, 2016
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Cosmetic Clinic in Cardiff: Treatments for Men

cosmetic clinic in cardiff

Cosmetic treatments are now more popular than ever.  The demand for cosmetic treatments has led to hundreds of cosmetic clinics across the country opening their doors. The rise of celebrity culture and wanting to look as good as our favourite stars has helped pushed cosmetic treatments to be available on our doorsteps. However, it’s not just with women that treatments are popular. More and more men are stepping through our doors looking for a more youthful image. More and more men are taking pride in their appearance than before.  In this following blog, we take a look at the best treatments available for men at our cosmetic clinic in Cardiff.

Treatments at Cosmetic Clinic in Cardiff

Lip Fillers for Men

Lip fillers are a hugely popular treatment at our cosmetic clinic in Cardiff. Hugely popular with women of all ages, we’ve also noticed that Lip Enhancement is starting to gain some ground with men. We’re not surprised as the thinning of lips effects both men and women. Bigger lips are seen as more attractive for both genders. Over half of our male patients who opt for lip enhancement say they are doing so to appear more attractive to partners or potential partners. We don’t blame them either as Tom Hardy lips have become more and more fashionable. Filler used is natural with a very low risk of allergic reaction. Swelling after treatment goes down within 24 hours and treatment time is just under an hour. Just how much lip filler is injected is completely up to each patient. We understand that most men don’t want feminine looking lips but just want a bit extra volume in the lips. That’s why at Bamboo Aesthetics, we offer a free consultation to assure that both side have an understanding of the end result. The free consultation is the perfect chance to meet your practitioner and discuss the desired result. Most men opt for filler to boost the top lip, which loses volume as we age.

Anti-wrinkle Treatment for Men

We kid you not, more and more men are opting for botox. Wrinkles and lines aren’t sexist. They don’t choose a favourite or least favourite gender – they target us all! Before, anti-wrinkle treatment for men was associated with male celebrities. Now, the rise of reality stars from The Only Way is Essex and Geordie Shore has paved the way for anti-wrinkle treatment for men. Stars from the hit shows have introduced us to and made more familiar the idea of anti-wrinkle treatment for men. The demand for such treatment from the public has lead to the opening of many aesthetics clinics across the country. At Bamboo Aesthetics cosmetic clinic in Cardiff, we can specifically target certain areas, or inject filler into more than one area of the face to provide a more natural look. The most common uses for anti-wrinkle treatment are for smoothing away forehead lines, frown lines, and crow’s feet around the eyes. Anti-wrinkle treatment has allowed men to escape the hands of time without the need for traditional surgery. Watch out ladies!

Hair Loss Solution

Perhaps the most obvious treatment that springs to mind when thinking of male cosmetic treatments is this one. Hair loss solution. Our patient list for hair loss solution is almost all male, with many men between 20-56 visiting the cosmetic clinic in Cardiff. We offer not one, but two hair loss treatments at the clinic. The first is REVITACARE®, a formula developed by French experts for those suffering with loss of hair. You don’t have to be bald to have this treatment either. Some young people heads full of hair opt for the solution as a means of prevention over cure.  When the first signs of hair loss begin to show, it’s a perfect time to start thinking about treatment. Of course, nothing is wrong with hair loss and it’s a natural process for many people. However, some men and even women feel so self conscious about their hair loss that they need a little help from us to restore their confidence – and we’re more than happy to oblige. The REVITACARE® formula hydrates the scalp, prevents and reduces hair loss, and stimulates hair growth. Quality of hair is improved all round and our patients are proud to recommend the treatments to their friends and loved ones. The second hair loss solution we provide is through PRP Hair loss treatment (Platelet Rich Plasma). This is a invasive and non-surgical treatment. PRP involves taking a small amount of blood and separating the red and white blood cells within the blood. The separation of these cells create platelets containing plasma which in turn encourage cell growth. This plasma is injected into the scalp and full results are seen in as little as three months.
It may sound a little complicated – but it really works! for more information, check out the treatment pages or feel free to contact us.

Still Unsure? Arrange a free consultation

The world of facial aesthetics can seem daunting, but the huge majority of our patients would recommend us to loved ones and return regularly to the clinic for further treatments. We understand that you may be hesitant to leap into the world of aesthetics. Most men that come to the practice fear that other men, and even women will notice they have work done. We are proud to offer non-invasive and natural results in all our treatments. We arrange a free consultation for you to let us know exactly what you want done and any concerns you may have. We work closely with you to assure that you’re getting only the best treatment. Our team is a five-time award winning team and you can be comforted in the knowledge that you’re in safe hands at bamboo. If you’re interested in a treatment, or simply want more information, call us on 02920 008630 or contact us here.

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