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Lip Enhancement: A guide to safe fillers

lip enhancement safe fillers

As we grow older, our lips become thinner. It’s a fact. Thin lips are a sign of ageing so it’s no surprise that many patients who visit our clinic are after lip enhancement. Full lips are a sign of youthful attractiveness. Bigger lips are sought after as they represent femininity, beauty and sensuality. At Bamboo Aesthetics we offer Lip Enhancement to rectify signs of ageing and to give you the pout you’ve always dreamed of. We also use Dr Bob Khanna’s special Heart Lips technique, to give your lips that luscious heart shaped appearance. Treatment time lasts less an hour and swelling should pass within 24 hours. Results are seen immediately and last from anyway between six-twelve months. If you’re interested in safe fillers, read our testimonial from Emily Neil who has kindly written about her experience at Bamboo Aesthetics. She talks about the importance of safe fillers and going to a clinic you know you can trust.

“The bigger the better I always say”

I’ve always been a fan of big lips. The bigger the better I always say.  Growing up I was always self conscious about my lips. I’d see the other girls at school and wondered which boy’d want to kiss a girl like me. I mean, looking back, my lips weren’t that thin but we’re surrounded by beautiful models in the media with big lips – I wanted lips like that. I remember for my 16th birthday I asked for lip fillers and my dad said no. I know now I was too young for lip enhancement but at the time I was furious. I hated my dad and I hated my life. I was part of a very bitchy group of girls at school, and although they never said anything about my lips to my face, I knew they did behind my back.

Just because my dad refused my request, my desire for bigger lips didn’t stop. As I headed off to university, the Kylie Jenner lip challenge became a huge thing. A few of my friends joked I should try that. I remember reading the comments at how dangerous it was. I thought to myself that if I was going to have lip enhancement, it would be with safe fillers.

“Safe Fillers were the only option I’d consider”

You hear these horror stories don’t you? I mean you’ve only got to go on to Google Images and type in lip fillers and the first related search is Lip Fillers gone wrong. It’s not reassuring at all. Finding a clinic that offered safe fillers was going to be something very important to me. I wanted a clinic that had a good reputation- one I knew I could trust. After hours of research, I settled between Bamboo Aesthetics and another clinic. I called up both clinics but Bamboo Aesthetics could see me sooner so I wont with them. I spoke with Natalie on the phone who was telling me she had her lips done just the other week. This was the same Natalie I met when I turned up for my free consultation. Her lips looked great. I told her how I was a little scared about the treatment as I’d heard or rather seen the horror stories.  She explained that a lot of people don’t use safe fillers, or sometimes the treatment isn’t performed by experts who have been specifically trained in the field. That scared me a lot. However, Natalie assured me that at Bamboo Aesthetics, you only get the best filler in treatments performed by the best professionals.

Free consultation for safe fillers

Dr. Dan welcomed into his room and we had a chat about dermal fillers. I told him what Natalie had said about unsafe fillers. Dr. Dan agreed that it was a shame that people are going to the wrong kinds of places to get lip enhancement. He told me that should I choose to not go through with the treatment at Bamboo and go somewhere else, that I make sure wherever it was I went use safe fillers. I told him that I was keen on having fillers at Bamboo Aesthetics despite my nerves. The free consultation was a great opportunity to have a chat really. Any nerves I’d had disappeared after talking to Dr. Dan. I understand why they do these consultations in advance now. I booked in for a session for a fortnight after to have the treatment performed.

Two weeks on I arrived once more at Bamboo. I was straight through the doors and Dr. Dan performed the treatment. The numbing cream was so strange – I didn’t feel a thing. As soon as Dr. Dan was done he showed me the mirror and I couldn’t believe it. I looked like I’d been photoshopped. My lips were bigger! Dr. Dan said they were slightly swollen and that the swelling would go down in less than a day. A day later though, my lips were still the perfect size. They were more plump and feminine than before. Delighted is an understatement. Since my treatment I have gone back for one top up appointment. I can see why they say it gets addictive!

“In safe hands in Bamboo”

“I feel in safe hands in Bamboo. I feel lucky I’ve found a cosmetic clinic that do not only safe fillers, but safe treatments. It’s so important finding a place you can trust. I know if I wanted any other treatments, I could ask Dr. Dan. Thanks Bamboo!”

Thanks Emily for sending us in that testimonial and sharing her story on the importance of safe fillers. If you, like Emily, want lip enhancement with safe fillers, give us a call on 02920 569769 or visit our contact us here.

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