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Treat yourself this Halloween at our Cosmetic Clinic

vampire facelift cosmetic clinic

Trick or treat! It’s that time of year again. Happy Halloween to all our patients at our cosmetic clinic. It’s the time to dress up, stock up on candy and watch scary moves. It’s also time to answer our doors to trick or treats looking to frighten in exchange for some candy. As we get older, we look in the mirror and sometimes what we see is frightening! For many of us it’s Halloween every day!  The last thing we want to do is to scare the trick or treaters when we open the door! Unless we have a scary costume on ourselves, of course!

So why not treat yourself to a treatment at Bamboo Aesthetics. We offer a number of treatments such as thread lips, anti-wrinkle treatment, fillers and hair loss solution. If you’re still undecided we may just have the treatment for you. Have you heard of the Vampire Facelift®? Made famous by Kim Kardashian, the Vampire Facelift® is not nearly as spooky as it sounds. The name may be very fitting for Halloween but we promise the only scary thing about this treatment is just how good the results are.

Vampire Facelift® at our Cosmetic Clinic

The Vampire Facelift® is a form of PRP Platelet Rich Plasma treatment. The Vampire Facelift® involves taking a small amount of blood from the arm (just as you would at your doctor’s surgery.) The blood is then put into a centrifuge (a medical machine) which separates the red and white blood cells to create a special plasma. This plasma contains platelets which stimulates the growth of cells. The blood is then reinjected into the face, hence the name the Vampire Facelift®. When the platelets are introduced to the face, skin is left smoother and younger looking.

The treatment is hugely popular due to just how effective it is. As the blood is your own, there is no risk of allergic reaction and minimal side effects. The treatment has gained ground as it a surgery free alternative to the traditional face lift. Gone is the down time that comes with surgery and the upheaval that comes with it. Kim Kardashian paved the way for non-surgical face lifts when the Vampire Facelift® was featured on her reality show. The demand from the public to feel and look younger has led non-surgical cosmetic treatments to become more accessible to the masses. Our cosmetic clinic offers the Vampire Facelift® at a competitive price with affordable payment plan.

Why choose our cosmetic clinic?

Bamboo has a five-time award winning team offering only the best treatments to our patients. We offer a wide range of treatments that boast a very high customer satisfaction level. We have on-site parking and are open seven days a week. We offer lunchtime, weeknight and weekend appointments as we believe we should work around your schedule, not the other way around. As our treatments are non-evasive, the downtime is minimal meaning you can get straight back to work after an appointment.

We have a state of the art cosmetic clinic, and offer competitive prices and affordable payment plans. We understand that it’s not always convenient to pay up front for a treatment. However, we don’t think you should have to put you own well-being on hold so we offer 0% finance on our treatments. You can choose either to pay over 12 or 24 months interest free. That way, you can look and feel younger without having to skimp and save.

Should you be interested in the Vampire Facelift® or any of our other treatments at Bamboo Aesthetics, call us up on 02920 569769 to find out more information and request a free consultation.  Your free consultation is a way for you to meet the practitioner who will be performing your treatment. Your practitioner will talk you through the treatment and determine if you are a successful candidate. The consultation is free so you have nothing to lose by coming along to meet a member of our expert team.

Testimonial from Eleanor, patient at our Cosmetic Clinic

I wanted the Vampire Facelift® as soon as I saw Kim Kardashian have it done on the telly. I’m a bit squeamish when it comes to blood but I told myself I’d close my eyes! I saw your cosmetic clinic was offering the treatment so I thought I’d call up. I didn’t think I’d actually go through with it but I thought I had nothing to lose by going along to a free consultation.
Dr. Dan met with me to discuss the treatment a bit more and my god, I was sold. I saw some before and after photos and I couldn’t believe the difference. I told him “If you can make me look like that you can take all my coins.” He laughed and promised I’d be happy with the result. A few weeks later I came back for the treatment and you know what, I was just so happy. I can’t thank Bamboo enough. I’m having my lips done next. Bamboo is such a nice practice, like it’s clean but not clinical. It’s a very nice comforting place which is reassuring for someone like me that had never had any work done before. I can’t wait to go back!”

If you, like Eleanor, are considering treatment at the practice, why not give us a call today? Halloween is the perfect excuse to try out our Vampire Facelift®. Call us on 02920 569569 or click here to reach us on our contact form. Happy Halloween!

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