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Lip Injections: Wendy’s Story

lip injections

Lip Injections: Wendy’s Story

What are lip injections?

Bamboo Aesthetics is a cosmetic clinic located on Cowbridge Road West, Ely. At our cosmetic clinic we aim to offer treatments to make you feel and look better. One of our most popular treatments we offer are lip injections. But what exactly are lip injections and what makes them so popular at our clinic? We’ve compiled a little guide to lip injections and included a testimonial from Wendy who reveals how lip injections are the best thing to happen her in years.

Lip Fillers have become hugely popular with both celebrities and us ordinary folk. Lip fillers are a simple treatment which involve small injections of filler into the lips to increase volume of the lips. The amount of filler is pre decided between you and your practitioner.  The amount of filler is purely down to your own preference. The fillers are ideal for those who are self conscious about their lips or simply want fuller or plumper lips. Both men and women can opt for the treatment, but fillers are more common amongst female patients. Fillers are great because as we age our lips lose volume. This affects all of us, both men and women of all ages. Collagen loss affects some of us more than others and that’s why your friends may have thicker of thinner lips than yourself. Lip Fillers give those of us with thinner lips a much needed boost. One patient who needed a boost was Wendy. She shares her story below.

Wendy’s Lip Injections Story

“I’ve never been self conscious about my lips. I don’t have a particular reason why I opted for lip injections. In fact, I never considered cosmetic treatment before at all. It was only Dr. Dan who brought my attention to the world of lip fillers. I’d had the Six Month Smiles treatment at Bamboo Dental. My teeth were a bit crooked and the only treatment I had ever considered before last year was for my teeth. Bamboo Dental is a lovely practice and truthfully I was making a bit of small talk, asking Dr. Dan what other treatments he did. He informed me that Bamboo had recently ventured into the world of Aesthetics. Aesthetics eh? I asked him more about what kind of treatments they did. At first I assumed it would be waxing and massages. However, I was surprised when I learnt that Bamboo Aesthetics actually do a number of non surgical treatments such as lip injections and anti-wrinkle treatment. He asked if I’d ever consider a non surgical treatment. Me? No! However, I thought my sister would be interested in lip injections so I asked more about the treatment.

Dr. Dan revealed that Bamboo use the Heart Lips method when giving lip injections. The heart lips method is this style of treatment that gives the lips a heart shaped appearance. I was intrigued so I asked if he had any pictures. He got me up pictures of patients and staff members who had had lip injections and I couldn’t believe the difference between the before and after. I thought “My sister will love this!”

A much needed boost of confidence

That night I looked in the mirror and was looking at my lips. I couldn’t stop thinking about the lip injections! I’d never considered lip injections or anything like that before. Suddenly, I couldn’t stop thinking what if. I hadn’t become self conscious about my lips – they were fine as they were. However, it’s like when you see a new car and wish you had that car! I called up Dr. Dan but to his surprise I wasn’t calling for my sister, I was calling for myself! I told him I couldn’t stop thinking about lip injections and wanted to come in for one of those free consultations to talk about them. I mean, I had a few doubts. I’m a bit older so they might look silly on me! Then again, he’d given lip fillers to people my age before – I’d seen the pictures! I guess I wanted a boost to my lips but I didn’t want them to look silly like the duck face. The consultation went really well. Dr. Dan booked me in for my treatment for a month after (I was going on holiday for two weeks before). I walked out of the practice feeling like a new woman. There was a bit of swelling at first but when that went down I was super impressed with the results. I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t consider lip injections now! My advice is if you’re interested about it – go for it! Why not give yourself a much needed boost of confidence!”

Free consultation for Lip Injections

If you, like Wendy, feel you could benefit from lip fillers, why not give us a call today on 02920 569769. Drop us a line and tell us you’re considering lip fillers and we’ll be more than happy to give you more information about the treatment. However, if you’re really interested we suggest you pop in for a free consultation. Whilst our receptionists are trained to help you with any questions you may have, we’re sure the reassurance of a medical expert is what you’re after. That’s why at Bamboo Aesthetics we provide you with a free consultation to ask a medical practitioner any questions that may be on your mind. It’s also the chance to meet the practitioner who will be performing the treatment. The consultation offers the opportunity to hear more about the treatment, and provides the practitioner with the chance to find out what it is exactly that you want to achieve with your fillers. Should you be happy with everything after the consultation, we’ll book you in for your appointment. Equally, if you need more time to think about the treatment or change your mind, that’s fine – you lose nothing by popping along for a free chat. So if you’re interested in lip injections, give us a call today or contact us on our contact page! We hope to hear from you soon!

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