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What happens on your first visit to our Skincare Clinic?

skincare clinic cardiff first visit

Skincare Clinic Cardiff – The First Visit

Free Consultation at your local Skincare Clinic Cardiff

So you’re interested in a treatment! Fantastic news! One question we get a lot is what happens on your first trip to the clinic. You’ve made the phone call, you’ve sent an email, you’ve got in touch, but what happens next? We’ve decided to put this blog together to give you a definitive guide on what happens when you enter our skincare clinic Cardiff doors from start to finish.

Your journey at Bamboo Aesthetics starts with your free consultation. When you arrive for your free consultation, one of our receptionists will welcome you to the practice and introduce you to your skincare clinic Cardiff practitioner. Your practitioner will be the one who will be performing the treatment, so it’s the perfect opportunity for you to meet the face that will make your face younger. Your expert will use the consultation to find out what it is exactly you wont want from the treatment. By listening carefully to your wishes and desires, the practitioner will be able to tell you if this treatment is the right one for you. If it isn’t, then the practitioner will suggest an alternative. After all, we look out for your best interests at Bamboo Aesthetics.

The consultation is also the best place to ask any questions that may be difficult to answer over the phone. Whilst our receptionists are trained to help you as much as possible, we’re sure you’ll understand that some questions are best answered by a member of our team of experts.

Wide range of treatments available

We offer free consultations for all our treatments. If you’ve already have a treatment in mind, great! If you don’t, or are wondering what other treatments we offer, here are just a run down of three of our most popular treatments.

Anti-wrinkle treatment

It’ll probably come to you as no surprise that anti-wrinkle is one of our most popular treatments. It’s the famous one. Anti-wrinkle treatment does exactly what you expect it too – reduces wrinkles and leaves you with flawless looking skin. Anti-wrinkle is great for anyone over 18, both males and females. We all have lines, and anti-wrinkle treatment can lessen those lines and restore confidence. Anti-wrinkle treatment involves targeting stubborn areas with anti-wrinkle injections to restore a more youthful image. What’s so great about anti-wrinkle treatment is that you only need to come in for one session to see long lasting results. These injections are not only safe but involve very little down time meaning you could come in for them in your lunch break. If you’re interested in smoothing away forehead lines, frown lines, or crow’s feet around the eyes then this could be ideal for you. Our very high customer satisfaction level have made Bamboo Aesthetics a market leader in anti-wrinkle treatment in Wales, and as the treatment is so simple you have nothing to lose by coming in to try and it out!

Read more about anti-wrinkle treatment here.

Lip Filler

Lip Filler is another of our popular treatments, especially with women. Lip fillers are great for those who need a boost of confidence or boost quite literally to their lips. Lip Filler is a safe filler which adds volume to the lips. We use the Heart Lips technique, a revolutionary treatment which provides you with beautiful feminine heart shape lips. The amount of lip filler you have is completely down to you. It all depends on how plump you want your lips to be. During your free consultation, your expert will discuss with you exactly how much filler you wish to have in the lips.  We’re sure you won’t be disappointed by the treatment!

Read more about lip enhancement treatment here.

Hair loss solution

One of our most successful treatments at Bamboo Aesthetics is our hair loss solution. Why is it so successful? Because it really works! Hair loss effects a huge percentage of people in one form or another, and although it’s usually harmless, many wish to opt for hair loss solution for aesthetic reasons. We don’t blame our patients – why suffer with insecurities if there’s help out there? Although there is no over night solution for hair loss, what we can guarantee is effective results over a longer period of time. If you or someone you know could benefit from hair loss solution treatment, why not get in touch. We’ve seen the difference it makes to patients and we know that it could do wonders for you if you too suffer from the same kind of insecurities. There are two types of hair loss solution at Bamboo Aesthetics, so why not click on the link below to check which one could work best for you?

Read more about hair loss solution treatment here.

Pay Monthly Treatments

The best thing about getting treatment at Bamboo Aesthetics is that you needn’t pay upfront for your treatment. We offer a number of pay monthly packages as we believe you shouldn’t be out of pocket for your dream treatment. Although our prices are competitive, we understand it’s not always convenient to pay upfront for treatment fees. For more information about our payment packages, feel free to call us on 02920 569769.

If you’ve already booked up for your free consultation, we hope this blog has helped you to know what to expect on your first trip to our skincare clinic Cardiff. If in doubt, or you have any further questions, feel free to call us up and we’re sure a member of our team can help. If you haven’t booked up yet but are interested in treatment still – then what are you waiting for? We’re sure you won’t regret it! Call up today and book your free consultation at our skincare clinic Cardiff and move closer to a new you that you’re more comfortable with. We hope to hear from you soon!

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