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Most Common Dermal Fillers Myths

dermal filler myths

The Most Common Dermal Filler Myths

With all types of cosmetic treatments come old wives tails and outrageous myths. Some get talked about so often that they can start to be muddled up with fact. On the other side of the coin, stretched facts can also lead to suspiciousness around valid facts and theories. Here we aim to debunk some of those most common myths about dermal fillers and to point out those truths that may have been misinterpreted as myths!


Myth 1: Lip fillers will give you a ‘trout pout’

This idea is generally possible but untrue in that it is not going to happen if you choose your practitioner wisely. Experienced practitioners understand that less is often more and will put in only an amount of filler that is going to enhance the shape of your lips. Various celebrities have gone overboard with the amount of filler they have requested and this has given a bad name for the treatment. In reality, most practitioners would not even be willing to create a lip shape that is going to look badly on their own work. They know and understand exactly how much filler to place in your lips to give the optimum appearance. It is also possible, with certain fillers, to have them dissolved from your lips if your dislike the final appearance. This takes the risk away completely putting your mind at ease!


Myth 2: Cheek dermal fillers will lead to ‘pillow face’

It can be true in certain cases that too much dermal filler placed in the cheeks can lead to an overly plumped up face. Again it is important here for you to go to the right clinical practitioner. If you are being treated by a competent doctor who understands the procedure of dermal fillers well then you will be in safe hands.


The best practice to follow is to go easy on the amount of filler administer. It is much safer to under treat the patient and then top it up later on if required than to go overboard on the firs treatment. Again, this myth can be true and false, however it really depends on the quality of practitioner you are seeing.


Myth 3: Permanent fillers are more cost effective in the long run.

Here is something that you’ll hear often. Why go for a treatment that needs topping up in 6 months if you can pay a little extra and never need a top up? Well, if you focus solely on the cost of the product then sure, permanent fillers will turn out to be cheaper. Although that’s not the full story.


You see, as you age the shape of your face also ages with it. What this means is that a permanent filler injected at the age of 30 will give a difference appearance 10 years on at the age of 40. So, as you arrive at 40 and look in the mirror, you may decide that now your face needs to have more filler in to match your changed face shape. Now that permanent filler isn’t so cheap, right? Also, the fact that you have permanent filler already in your face means that the second dose is going to be difficult to gain the desired face shape.


Permanent fillers can cause permanent problems. This is the reason why most people are opting for temporary products such as Restylane and Juvederm nowadays. With the use of temporary fillers, you are able to continuously adapt the shape of your face as you move through your life. There is also an option to dissolve the filler if anything were to go wrong. So in the long term we do recommend temporary products such as these!


Myth 4: Dermal filler injections are very painful!

Although there can be some discomfort there have been many innovations in the industry to minimise this. For example a numbing cream is often used on the area to be injected. This enables the feeling in the area to be minimal.

Many products also now contain a substance called lidocaine. This is an anaesthetic that will ensure you are more comfortable during treatment. On top of this ate the new types of needles that don’t have a sharp tip. these are called cannulae and not only reduce the level of discomfort but also reduces the risk of bruising and downtime following the treatment.


Myth 5: Everyone will be able to tell i’ve had dermal fillers.

Unless you are asking for something ‘unordinary’ then this should certainly not be the case. The main target when using dermal fillers is to create a more beautiful appearance that also looks natural. The desired effect is for people to think that is how you naturally look. There should also be no visible marks on the surface of the skin. This is where the knowledge of facial structure comes in to play. Choose your practitioner wisely!


Myth 6: Dermal fillers are non reversible.

This one is most certainly untrue. Not ALL dermal fillers are irreversible, although some are. If you have chosen to go with a temporary filler made with hyaluronic acid  (HA) then it is entirely possible to dissolve your filler using hyaluronidase. This has become a staple of any good cosmetic clinic as the risk that permanent fillers can give is just too large if something were to go wrong. With the use of HA filler, your face can be sculpted without any risk of being left permanently displeased. Although there should be no issues if you have chosen to go with a skilled practitioner, it is always great to have the function of the dissolving agent should you be unhappy with any part of the results. This way, you have complete control over the way you look!

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