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7 Wonderful Ways to Reduce Stubborn Wrinkles


Burdened with pesky wrinkles that are putting a downer on your life? You need not put up with them for a moment longer! Here are 7 wonderful ways that you can reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Some will work better than others. Some are more tried and tested than others. But all will go some way to helping you reduce those stubborn wrinkles.


7 Wonderful Ways to Reduce Stubborn Wrinkles

1. Lifestyle changes to reduce wrinkles

Prevention is the king of all cures. If there is some way you can prevent wrinkles happening in the first place then it is absolutely the thing to do. If you already have developed wrinkles then prevention can still be used to prevent even more in the future. So what life style changes can you make to help your future wrinkle-free prospects?


The first thing that is advisable is to avoid the habit of smoking. 

Cigarettes contain nicotine that, when added to the blood stream, can cause the blood vessels in the outer skin layers to narrow. The consequence of this is that there will be less blood flow reaching the outer skin layers meaning that much less important nutrients such as oxygen and vitamin A will find their way to the skin surface.

There are over 4000 chemicals found in tobacco smoke. Many of these can damage the collagen and elastin of the skin. These proteins are what give the skin its strength and elasticity. Smoking causes damage to these structural proteins and will lead to the unwelcome sagging of the skin and wrinkle appearance.

Here’s some more information and advice from the NHS on quitting smoking.


Eat the right foods.

As well as drinking plenty of water, the foods you eat can also make or break the war of the wrinkles. Some foods that are great at promoting healthy and youthful skin are; berries, fish, nuts and avocados.


2. Anti-wrinkle creams

Anti-wrinkle creams have been said to be misleading in many of their promises. It is perceived the more expensive creams do nothing extra than a cheaper cream. It is merely the marketing that creates the false perception. However, moisturisers can be very useful. Although they wont reverse the appearance of wrinkles they can go some way to help disguise them. The product will sink into the skin adding more volume to those areas of sunken skin cells. Keeping the skin moisturised is also helpful in keeping it healthy whilst it is still wrinkle free!


3. Threaded face lifts

Bamboo Aesthetics offer non-surgical threaded face lift treatments which are fantastic at rejuvenating the skin back to a more youthful and healthy appearance. They work by the insertion of a special thread into specific areas of the face. The thread is placed just under the skin and slowly dissolves over time leave an area in which the skin naturally replenishes itself. The structure of your face can be vastly changed via this method. Click here to find out more about thread lift treatments at Bamboo Aesthetics.


4. Get your sleep!

It is during our sleep that the production of human growth hormone occurs in the body. Human growth hormone or HGH is what causes cell growth in the body – this includes the growth of skin cells. With too little sleep, the body starts to produce cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that actually slows down the growth of your cells and can result in dry and unhealthy skin. On the other hand, the more sleep you do manage to get, the more HGH is produced in the body. And to round it all off, the older we get, the less HGH is produced. This means that those who are older can be excused for sleeping a little longer!


5. Gelatin supplements

A secret anti-wrinkle trick that can be harnessed by all! In most cases, wrinkles form as a result of your body generated too little collagen. So why not take some extra supplements of collagen?  Well, this is entirely possible. In fact, gelatin is made from cooked collagen. So the supplement is very readily available. By taking gelatin supplements you are able to fill the small lines and help erase some of the wrinkles. Since gelatin is an animal byproduct it is recommended to aim for the source to be from a good quality grass fed animal.



6. Anti-wrinkle injections

Perhaps the most popular and well known anti-wrinkle treatment, anti-wrinkle injections, can be used to relax the muscles causing your skin to fold. This smooths out the skin removing the wrinkles. One of the great things about this anti-wrinkle treatment is that it trains the muscles in the face to become a little weaker and so after the treatment wears off there will still be some residual benefits that stay long after your Botox has left the area. Here’s some more info on anti-wrinkle injections treatment at Bamboo Aesthetics.


7. Eat saturated fat

Don’t be fooled by the bad rap that fat gets from food marketers all over the world. Actually there are both good fats and bad fats. Good saturated fats are an incredibly important part of a balanced and healthy diet. Eating plenty of this type of fat will help to keep your skin elastic as well as giving it more resistance to oxidative damage. Some sources of healthy saturated fats include, coconut oil, grass-fed butter and avocados.


So there you have it – 7 wonderful ways to reduce stubborn wrinkles. Follow as many of the suggestions above and you will be sure to have a more improved skin appearance and overall health! If you would like to find out more about the various anti-wrinkle treatments available at Bamboo Aesthetics then please get in touch via our contact page.

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