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Is it time you finally considered a Non Surgical Facelift ?

non surgical facelift

Non Surgical Facelift at Bamboo Aesthetics

We get it. The thought of surgery is scary. We all want to look better and younger, but none of us really want to have to travel to the moon and back to achieve it. Some of us do. Some of us will go to extraordinary lengths to change the way we look. Most of us however, will sit back and day dream about what we’d have done. We will talk with our colleagues during our lunch hour or over coffee with friends, about how we wish our lips were bigger, our noses were smaller, and our foreheads smoother. The reality of the matter is that surgery is daunting. It is scary. So why put ourselves through it if we don’t have to?

Look younger with the non surgical facelift

The demand to look younger is one that has spread like wildfire amongst society. This demand has lead to hundreds of non surgical clinics opening across the country. The chance to feel younger and look younger, and to fix our insecurities has been overwhelmingly popular with the British public. One of those clinics is Bamboo Aesthetics, local non surgical clinic in Cardiff. You can now look and feel younger by just popping into a clinic on your doorstep.

Many patients dabble with anti-wrinkle injections and lip fillers, but the treatment we see offering the biggest results is the thread lift. The thread lift is a non surgical facelift designed to lift sagging skin using thin threads. The non surgical facelift has proved so popular as it truly offers not only effective results, but also natural results. Too many times with cosmetic surgery do we see celebrities who have blatantly been under the knife, defying the point of the treatment.

Imagine having a treatment with noticeable effects, without that “done” look. That is in essence what the thread lift aims to achieve. A non surgical facelift is a safe alternative with minimal risk of side effects. The treatment lasts around an hour and is performed by only the most highly skilled and trained clinical practitioners.  That means you can come into Bamboo Aesthetics knowing you’re in safe hands with our experts.

Real results for real people

So you’re considering a non surgical facelift? Perhaps you’re considering a treatment but wondering why you might choose the non surgical facelift as opposed to anti-wrinkle injections. Whilst anti-wrinkle injections and filler are hugely popular and highly effective, a non surgical facelift can provide a more natural look to the patient. The non surgical face lift focuses on beautification of the whole face, rather than targeting specific areas of the face. Threads introduced to the face target and lift stubborn lines, all whilst encouraging new cells to grow. This in turn rejuvenates the face and leaves you looking younger than ever.

One woman who decided to try out the non surgical face lift was Helen Jones from Aberystwyth. Helen was used to travelling to the clinic in Cardiff as she was undergoing a Six Month Smiles treatment with Dr. Daniel Rogers. Thrilled with the results of her new smile, Helen was left wanting more! We won’t spoil any more of her story however, as Helen has kindly written her non surgical facelift story below for us. Take it away Helen!

“I’d been coming to Bamboo Dental for about a year. I’d had the six month smiles treatments. My teeth are looking so straight and white. After the treatment, I was the happiest I’d ever been. The problem is, when you have one treatment done – you’re on to the next! It’s a bit like redecorating the house – once you’ve done one room, there’s another that needs doing! I knew Bamboo had started doing Aesthetics treatments and I’m around that certain age (40) where maybe a bit of treatment wouldn’t go a miss. I didn’t think I looked too bad for my age but I thought a bit of anti-wrinkle treatment would be interesting. I’d always wanted to try it.

I asked Natalie at reception about anti-wrinkle treatment. I asked her if it was a good idea. She said that every one could benefit from some treatment. I live up in Aber, so I’m used to travelling down. I thought why not book in for a free consultation? Sure enough, Natalie had booked me in to see Dr. Dan once more. Dr. Dan had done my six month smiles treatments so I knew he’d do a good job. I came back down to Cardiff a month later and Dr. Dan advised me of my options.

I wasn’t even considering a thread lift at this point until Dr. Dan briefly mentioned it. A non surgical face lift? I’d never heard of that before. How was that even possible? Dr. Dan explained that a non surgical facelift basically involved introducing some very fine thread into the forehead, lifting the skin a little and leaving impeccable results. I asked if it was painful and he assured me it wasn’t. Lasting less than an hour, it sure seemed quick for a face lift. I’d only been interested in anti-wrinkle treatment up until this point, but something about the thread lift really grabbed my attention.

Dr. Dan told me I’d be a perfect candidate for a non surgical facelift. I couldn’t argue with the expert! He showed me some before and after pictures, and no word of a lie, some of the people looked ten twenty years younger. He could take all my money if he could make me look like that! Sure enough, Dr. Dan booked me in for an appointment a month later. I was nervous, even if it wasn’t a surgical procedure. However, I had nothing to worry about – as Dr. Dan had previous told me – it was completely pain free. It did feel strange at times but it was a new experience.

It all went by so quickly. After 24 hours (giving the side effects a chance to calm down), I could notice a huge difference already. I looked younger! Even my husband and kids told me that. And the best thing about the thread lift is that collagen is made in response to the thread in the forehead – something about foreign objects being present. I don’t know the science! I just know the results. The collagen has occurred weeks after meaning as the weeks go on, the results are getting better and better. I’m so glad Dr. Dan convinced me to have the thread lift! Thanks Bamboo!”

If you, like Helen was, are interested in the Thread Lift, visit our contact page here, or call us on 029 2000 8651.



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