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February 16, 2017
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Keith’s Story: Thread lift gave me a second chance

thread lift second chance

Thread Lift: A Patient Testimonial

What is a Thread Lift

It’s completely understandable to be cautious about injections and threads to the face, especially when you’ve never had cosmetic treatments before. Most people, despite their insecurities, think deep and ask themselves “Do I really want to be playing around with my shape of the face?”. Trusting a complete stranger to perform cosmetic treatments is scary. We get it. It’s the reason why most people want cosmetic surgery don’t go through with it. Cosmetic surgery is frightening, because despite incredibly talented surgeons performing the treatments, the end result can end up looking “done” and “unnatural”. After all, going under the knife IS unnatural. Giving mother nature a helping hand can be classed as “unnatural” but there are different types of cosmetic treatments. Some cosmetic treatments can offer far more natural results than others. That’s why at Bamboo Aesthetics we offer only non surgical treatments to provide life changing results without the upheaval and risk of traditional surgery. Our alternative treatments offer impressive results that look more natural than that “had work done” post surgery look. One of our most popular non surgical treatments is our Thread Lift. 

Non Surgical Facelift in Cardiff

The Thread Lift is an alternative face lift that’s performed in just under an hour. This kind of face lift works by introducing threads to the skin using a very find needle. Our skilled practitioners guide the thread through the skin, targeting troubled areas. As a result, sagging skin is lifted, leaving you with a more youthful appearance.  Thread lifts are most popular with patients over 30 years of age. However, the thread lift is suitable for almost anybody in need or desire of a rejuvenation. Most people who opt for a thread lift do happen to be female, but occasionally men at the practice enquire about the treatment to get more healthier, fresh, youthful skin. One man who chose to have a thread lift, Keith from Port Talbot, shares his story below.

Keith’s Thread Lift Story

“If you knew me, you’d know I’d probably be the last person you’d imagine to have some kind of cosmetic treatment. I’m a manly man who doesn’t really care about his appearance – or at least I didn’t. To tell you the truth, it was only my sister that persuaded me to come to Bamboo Aesthetics. However, let me back track a bit. My story is a little sad, but it has a happy ending I promise – so stick with it!

Fifteen years ago my wife passed away. She had a heart attack. You never really get over something like that. I was suffering with depression for a good few years after her death. I was in and out of work, and what kept me going was my children. My sister was also very good in helping with the death. I can’t say I’ve moved on from her, you never really do, but I’ve moved on from the dark place since her death.

When I finally felt I could live my life once more, my mother died. I was broken once again. My kids were worried for me and no parent should leave their children worried. You’re the one that has to be strong. So you hide your emotions and you become the strong one. However, inside, I found it very difficult. This must have been five years ago? It’s fair to say I’ve been through a lot in the past fifteen years, and I was more than aware of how the stress and depression had taken its toll.

I had aged more than fifteen years since the loss. I felt like I had aged thirty years. The worst thing was I looked like I had too. I looked in the mirror and I barely recognised the man I had become. When had I got so old? I had spoke to my sister about treatments and she recommended moisturisers and creams. I knew, however, the damage had been done. I didn’t need prevention, I needed a miracle!

I wasn’t so vain or self critical to go under the knife, but I wanted a much needed confidence boost. I needed to feel good about myself once more. I googled anti ageing treatments, just out of pure curiosity. I knew I would never have a surgical treatment. However, I saw non surgical beauty treatments at Bamboo Aesthetics appear.

Thread Lift Results at Bamboo Dental

Non surgical you say? Now that had me interested. I read that you could have treatments for men performed safely by experts all in an hour. I looked on the Bamboo website and saw a list of treatments. I was torn between the Thread Lift and Anti-wrinkle treatment. The Anti-wrinkle treatment sounded good, but what really appealed to me about the thread lift was that it provides a rejuvenation of the whole face. A thread lift gives your whole face a younger look. I arranged a consultation to talk about it more, and I must say I was impressed by the before and afters.

I’m surprised more men don’t have thread lifts, as wrinkles affect us too! Not just women! I can’t believe how much younger I look. I feel like the man I was fifteen years ago. Everyone is saying how healthy I look for the first time in forever. The thread lift has given me my confidence back. Although nobody will replace my wife, I feel she can look down on me now happy, knowing that I am happy. I owe it to her to be happy after all! Thank you Bamboo for providing me with such a fantastic treatment!”

If you’re someone who thinks that they could benefit from a thread lift, or any of our other treatments, then why not get in touch? We can give confidence back to those who need it, all by turning back the clocks with our treatments. Call us today, or reach us on our contact us page here.

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