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Vampire Facial – the must have treatment this Spring

vampire facial

Vampire Facial – the must have treatment this Spring

What is a Vampire facial?

“What treatments do you do?” is a question we hear often at Bamboo Aesthetics. Most patients and visitors to the practice ask that question, knowing exactly what they’d like done. Perhaps these patients want bigger lips, or frown lines softened. They may not know the exact treatment, but they know the area they wish to target.  Other patients will pose the question “Have you got anything to make me look all round younger?” These patients may know areas they wish to target, but nine out of ten times, what they’re really after is beautification of the whole face. Patients who ask this type of question usually have more than one area they’d like to target, but targeting individual areas can result in making other areas or “flaws” more prominent. What we suggest therefore, is beautification of the face. All around beautification treatments are useful as they offer the face a much needed injection of youth, without that “done” look. Such treatments are less commonly known than treatments such as botox, but have started to gain ground thanks to their use by celebrities. A perfect example of this is with the Vampire facial, an all round beautification of the face treatment, made famous by Kim Kardashian.

Who can benefit from a Vampire facial?

A Vampire facial came to the forefront of the media when Kim Kardashian had one done on her reality series. Kim was drawn to the groundbreaking treatment due to the impressive results, but what exactly is a Vampire facial? A Vampire facial involves taking a small amount of blood (and by small, we mean small) and putting into a centrifuge before re-injecting it back to the skin. “Say what!” we hear you ask. well it’s quite simple. Thanks to the magic of science, we can use a centrifuge to separate white and red blood cells to make plasma. This plasma contains platelets which encourage cell growth and regeneration. When injected back into the face, this platelet rich plasma kicks off the regeneration process and skin is left flawless. It may sound scary, and with a name like the Vampire Facial, we can understand any caution you may. However, the only thing scary about the treatment is just how impressive the results are.

The treatment itself takes about an hour, and apart from a bit of redness post treatment, there is no downtime. As the PRP is your own blood, there is a much lower risk of side effects or allergic reaction. The Vampire Facial has become hugely popular for one simple reason – it works!

Sandra’s Vampire Facial

Somebody who had a Vampire Facial was Sandra from Pontypool. Sandra has kindly agreed to share her story with us:

“How did I end up with a Vampire Facial? Good question! When I called up the clinic I never thought I’d end up with one of those – I’ve never even heard of a Vampire facial. I knew I wanted something to make me look a bit younger. So there I was on the phone to the clinic and they invited me down a consultation. I had an open mind and didn’t really know what I wanted done. Truthfully, I was thinking i’d maybe end up with a bit of botox or anti-wrinkle kind of treatment. When I mentioned that at the consultation, the practitioner recommended the Vampire Facial. “Why that and not anti wrinkle treatment?” I asked to which the practitioner smiled before handing me over an A4 folder. In the folder contained some before and after shots. “All of this is from the Vampire what you call it?” I asked. I was amazed at just how much younger some of these people looked – people my age as well! He told me anti-wrinkle treatment was great but if I wanted beautification of the whole face I should opt for a thread lift or a Vampire Facial. Well, I wanted to look like some of the people in the before and afters! With that I’d made my mind up.

I’d never heard of a Vampire Facial so it needed to be explained to me a few times before I got my head around it. The choice between the Vampire and the threads was essentially taking my blood or shoving threads in my face! The cost of beauty eh! However, I’d fallen in love with the results of the Vampire so I asked them to book me in for an appointment a week or two after. I’m pleased to say that a month on I’m loving the results. Really. I feel… there’s no words for it. It’s knocked ten years off me I reckon! I recommend it fully – go get it now! Do it!”

Free consultation for a Vampire Facial

If Sandra’s story has inspired you to have a Vampire Facial at Bamboo Aesthetics, why not reach out to us? You don’t need to book an appointment just yet, just call us for a chat to see if this treatment could be the right one for you. By calling us up today on 02920 569769, you can arrange a free consultation with an expert who can answer any unanswered questions you may have about the Vampire Facial. Although it’s become hugely recognised in the medical and media world, very few people actually know what this magical and impressive treatment involves. Your medical expert can advise you on a step by step process whilst sharing some of the incredible before and after results of patients who have had the Vampire facial. It’s also a cracking opportunity for your medical practitioner to meet you and give you the best advice possible following a quick examination of  the face. Should you wish to go ahead with the treatment, we’ll book you in for an appointment. Should you change your mind, that’s fine! The consultation is absolutely free and it’s ultimately your choice whether or not you wish to proceed with the brilliant Vampire Facial or any of our other treatments. There’s little to lose by coming down and seeing us!

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